About The Autoking360

Revolutionary Design

What’s different about the AutoKing360? Everything. It features real-time advertising, customizable graphics, and 360° viewing. In addition to the car, it raises brand awareness. By creating multi-media awareness for individual users or big brands, it boosts revenue and reduces additional advertising costs.

As veterans of the sign business, we know gold when we see it. And the AutoKing360 is going to be an investment you’ll be glad you made.


Are you thinking, “it’s beautiful, but does it really work?” The answer is yes. We’re proud to say that both loading and unloading are smooth, safe, and easy with the AutoKing360.

Additionally, the AutoKing360 provides a good grip and a resilient build. It prevails bravely against all weather conditions, and setup is quick and hassle-free. Beauty and brains. That’s how we roll.

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