To most people, an auto mall and an actual shopping mall are two different things. You go to one to buy a car, the other to buy clothes, right? Maybe one. Now, more and more often, salespeople and marketers are turning to malls as high-traffic hotbeds of potential customers. Instead of driving by a billboard on a highway, people are actually walking by your car and seeing your message. Whether you represent a dealership, raffle, or contest, the trick is standing out from everything else. You’re competing with stores, print advertisements, and general crowd noise for attention.


Casinos give customers an experience unlike any other. Where else could you find such dazzling combinations of people, gaming, food, and entertainment? Whether you want to amp up the excitement, set yourself apart from the competition, or draw first-timers in, the chance to win a brand new car or truck is a time-tested way to do it. But you can make it more than a car, more than another giveaway-you can make it a true experience, even a spectacle, when you elevate that car with the AutoKing 360. Atop a pedestal made of the highest grade aluminum and steel, that car will be impossible to miss.


The foot traffic alone that automotive shows, sporting events, and auctions can generate makes them prime real estate for dealerships and marketers. In large arenas or exhibition centers, you have the opportunity to make an impression on every passerby. But how do you make that impression distinct?

Every other dealer and business there is trying to do the same thing! You have options, of course-but they’re the same tired options that, yet again, every other dealer and business is going to use.


We don’t need to tell you that the automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world. You already know that. We also don’t need to tell you that figuring out how to make your dealership stand out from all the others is a daunting prospect. You don’t want to resort to cheap gimmicks, but you also don’t want to lose out on potential customers.

AutoKing 360, a revolutionary display hybrid system that combines a 3G-enabled digital display atop a sleek platform, can literally raise you above your competitors.


Millions upon millions of people pass through airports every year, surrounded by an abundance of advertisements. It’s hard to stand out, stand apart, from all those sights and sounds. With the AutoKing 360, your car stands out because it stands above. It broadcasts whatever message is most effective, from financing options to pithy taglines. Travelers might be rushing to catch a flight, but a beautiful car is always an attraction. Give them the opportunity to learn about your brand, and tastefully show them all you have to offer.

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