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We are an innovative, young group of entrepreneurs that want to fill in the need for state-of-the-art advertising tools. AutoKing360, a premier and finely crafted platform and display hybrid, is our first.

We grew up on the West Coast, manufacturing and installing signage and lot lighting. One day, while installing a banner on top of a rusty old car stand in the rain, we began to think of a simpler, more streamlined and modern solution. The idea for AutoKing360 was born.

As the youngest heirs to a company that has been active in the sign industry for 48 years, we felt called to take the business from ordinary to extraordinary.

For four years, we developed, designed, manufactured, fine-tuned, patented, and obsessed over every aspect of this new 21st century display.

We are excited to share what we are so passionate about with you, and we know you’ll love it too.


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