Why Use 3G or 4G technology for LED Digital Displays?

Posted By admin / 4th Jul, 2017

3G and 4G technology is everywhere. It’s in our phones, our computers, even some of our cars. It’s featured in every cell phone commercial on the planet. We’re supposed to know and we’re supposed to care. But what does it actually mean for you and your business?

“G” simply stands for “Generation,” with 4G being the most current iteration. Before that, 3G technology pioneered the first networks fast enough to make smartphones function the way they do now.

Before 3G and 4G came along, you couldn’t do much of what you’ve probably already done today. You couldn’t download files or stream video, and making video calls or asking a built-in assistant to search the internet on your behalf wasn’t quite practical. Nor could you run a business from your phone and laptop, or change displays in real time.

The rapid pace of development and optimization has brought massive benefits to consumers–cat videos wherever you are, whenever you want–and businesses alike. But we’re only beginning to imagine and create the best ways to use this new technology to reach potential customers and get our stories out there.

We’d like to think that we’ve done our part with the AutoKing 360, which we’ve designed with 3G/4G capabilities–you can update the LED display from anywhere. Gone are the days where some poor employee had to lug a ladder out to your sign and change the letters one by one. There doesn’t have to be a delay when it comes to changing your message–and there’s certainly no meticulous hand-lettering involved.

Whether it’s displaying specials, sharing information about events, or letting people know about a new offer, you can do it instantly. And sure, instant gratification isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But when it comes to keeping your business’ message fresh, with up-to-date information that potential customers need, “instant” is a pretty good speed.