The Cure to the Sign Pollution Blues

Posted By admin / 2nd Jun, 2017

One on the most common issues in the automotive industry is trying to stay away from what in the sign world is most commonly referred to as “sign pollution”. You’ve seen it, even if you didn’t know what to call it. When you drive past your local dealerships, there are always those that try to differentiate themselves from the rest by covering their lot with brightly colored balloons, flags, banners, and signs.

And it seems like there’s always that one dealership that sticks a giant dancing gorilla on its roof. Sure, it gets your attention. Maybe it even makes you aware of a special offer. But that’s about it. Does it get your time, your business, or your money? Eh, maybe not.

So how do you get your message across without contributing to the sign pollution epidemic? You want flexibility in your messaging, and you want to know that people are noticing those messages. You want to be able to showcase specific vehicles and advertise rates and financing options. But you don’t want to be the real-world equivalent of a pop-up.

Digital marketing of any sort is about attracting the right person at the right time, and with 90% of the market confirming that they purchase a vehicle in the first week of searching at their local dealers, it’s important to utilize digital marketing to present and demonstrate what’s on offer. Most people will tell you that, when looking for a new or used car, they like to do their homework.

Statistics show that 77% of buyers research online for an average of three months before making any decisions. There’s a good chance they already know what car brands they’re interested in, what models they’d like to look at, and some general financial information, from price to lease terms. How do you make those people your customers?

The answer isn’t more signs; it’s smarter signs. One smart sign, to be specific: the AutoKing 360, which literally raises you above the crowd.

Calling the AutoKing360 a sign is sort of like calling a LaFerrari a nice commuter car. You might not be wrong, exactly, but you could say so much more. The AutoKing 360 is a platform-display hybrid that is the culmination of decades of sign-crafting expertise, combined with innovative engineering.

Its state of the art 360 degree digital display can be modified in real time, thanks to its 3G capability. The platform is constructed of highest grade aluminum and steel and coated with a maximum life powder. Loading and unloading is hassle-free, thanks to all-weather proof anti-slip ramp treads, stabilizers, and ramp extensions.

With the AutoKing 360, you don’t have to worry about standing out from the crowd–you’re already standing above it.